Where good coffee, good food & good service meet. Coffee is our life! And after coffee comes food and why not serve it with pride! We were born in the hands of Michelin star chefs and ended our hospitality journey in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to Francois Geurds, Jonnie & Thérèse Boer & the Mulberry group we earned our stripes to go on and fly solo.

At Harvest, our simple goal is to serve delicious coffee & food. We miss the days in Melbs where we could just step out of bed and go out for yummy breakfast and that perfect cup of coffee. Having both worked in the Melbourne hospitality scene where love really goes through the stomach, we decided to come back to the city we’ve met and share that unique Melbourne experience with the rest of Rotterdam.

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Our food

We serve breakfast all day! Whether you’re an early bird and come in at 9am on weekdays or after a good start of the day in the afternoon (fyi last order at 3pm weekdays / 4pm weekends). Our kitchen is focused on consistency, seasonability & homemade from the finest ingredients.

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Our coffee

Being a Melbourne inspired cafe we obviously take our coffee seriously. In house Dutch Barista Champion 2012 & 2024, And world barista finalist in 2024. a beautiful 3 group la marzocco KB90 with built-in scales, reverse osmosed water, top of the line grinders and most importantly the variety of coffee you can choose from. We always have 4 different coffees you can choose from all over the world.

So if you’re a nutty or a fruity kind of person, we got you! Oh and did we mention that we weigh all our coffee shots before we brew it? How’s that for consistency. But all craziness on a stick, we always brew to satisfy your taste bud!

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Order pastries online for pick-up!

Celebrating your birthday, having a festive event or just want to satisfy your sweet cravings? Now you can order our pastries for pick up on your preferred date!

Our bakery

We are always thinking about improving our little business. You know us, always trying to make everything in house and sourcing good produce. With this in mind we decided to open up our own bakery with freshly baked sourdoughs powered by Wildfarmed.

Wildfarmed’s motto: 'Fix food, fix the planet'. By putting soil health first, and paying farmers properly, they are able to grow tasty, highly nutritious flour, in a way that heals the planet. 

We're super proud to work with Wildfarmed and to support the environment in this way.

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Sourdough bread for wholesale!

We like to see our sourdough breads not only at Harvest Cafe & Bakery, but at everyone throughout Rotterdam area (more locations in the future). Whether you run a breakfast & lunch business, serve bread in a high-dining restaurant or want to treat your hotel guests with good bread for their brekkie. Everything is possible!